Saving Profile Tags & Fix Tag Delete Issues (IG)

I often tag the same 15-20 profiles on Instagram reels which is time consuming to add one by one, so I'd love the option to save a list of profile tags for adding in bulk all at once on future posts. Also, I'd love to be able to individually delete just one tag I've added to the video reel, without force deleteing the entire list. As it functions now, when I click the X to delete just one tag on an IG reel, it removes ALL the tags I've entered (not just that one tag), forcing me to start from scratch adding the entire tag list all over again. Also, I noticed a bug when I duplicate an IG reel post and then delete/replace the reel with a new video, it doesn't save the profle tags to be added to the new reel, however it still lists the profile tag count from the duplicated post (i.e 20 People). Then when I add a new profile tag to the new video, it raises the number of tag count (i.e. 21 People), even though they aren't actually tagged. In other words, it should just list the new tag (i.e. 1 Person), but it's showing more than the correct # of People. I love VistaSocial! Thanks so much!