Shared Calendar Commenting is Here!

We're excited to share our latest release! Now, anyone with access to your shared calendar—customers, stakeholders, or any non-logged-in viewer—can comment and collaborate on posts. This means more seamless communication and feedback right where you need it! ![shared calendar commenting.gif-8215](BASE/products/376739566/changelog/33355/inline-dfd5b7f448b9ad6cfdd005f5b00ce766.gif) **How to Enable:** 1. Go to your shared calendar link builder. 1. Toggle on the commenting feature. ![viewers can comment.jpeg-5483](BASE/products/376739566/changelog/33355/inline-9051127fad084ae64c48c09bbba859c3.jpg) **Important Note:** Your shared calendar comments will remain separate from your internal team comments, ensuring only the right eyes see the right feedback. ![adding internal comments.gif-8979](BASE/products/376739566/changelog/33355/inline-4a830aca621a8fe4ec0b3ae56fe240ef.gif) Thanks to the awesome feedback from our community [feedback: 127898]