April Updates: Media in comments, Instagram story metrics & more!

![April prod updatyes.jpeg-890](BASE/products/376739566/changelog/32420/inline-d4621beaeb6d33dd2d462177afc82e28.jpg) We're thrilled to have rolled out our April updates, packed with exciting new features designed to make your social media management smoother and more powerful. Here’s what’s new: --- ## 🖼️ Media in Scheduled Comments Elevate your engagement by adding media to scheduled comments, now also available for Twitter Threads! Keep those conversations rich and visually engaging. ![media in comments.png-8852](BASE/products/376739566/changelog/32420/inline-ad00dc3505d880baa84792bfd0fa72f6.jpg) --- ## 📝 Post Rejection Notes Streamline your teamwork with clearer communication. Whenever a post is rejected, you'll find the reason added directly to your Vista Social calendar in the post-level notes. No more guessing games! ![post rejection notes.gif-6764](BASE/products/376739566/changelog/32420/inline-c2b51fd7171c452cd1f331b18b5d2f1c.gif) --- ## 📊 Instagram Story Metrics Dive deeper into your Instagram Stories performance. Track replies, taps forward/back, and exits directly from your calendar. Optimize your stories with these insightful metrics! ![story metrics.png-4860](BASE/products/376739566/changelog/32420/inline-ee0aaa4b054494cf2ccb2d5ae418daaf.jpg) --- ## Other Notable Mentions **📱 Mobile Responsive Shared Calendars** Approval and collaboration are now easier on the go! Our shared calendars have gone mobile-responsive, ensuring you can keep up with your social media schedule from anywhere, anytime. **🔗 Direct Links to Posts** Foster better team collaboration with direct links to posts. Share a link that takes team members straight to the post in question on the Vista Social calendar—perfect for quick, contextual conversations outside Vista Social. **🤓 Titles for Smart Publishers** Organize like a pro! You can now add titles to your Smart Publishers for better labeling and sorting. Say hello to a tidier, more organized publishing flow. --- Here’s a shoutout to the feature requests and feedback that contributed to this month's updates: [feedback: 149015] [feedback: 126704] [feedback: 144602] Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance Vista Social!