Update on Facebook Group Posting

As of April 22nd, Facebook has updated its policies, and unfortunately, third-party tools like ours can no longer support auto-posting directly to Facebook Groups. **What Does This Mean for You?** * **Auto-Posting is No More**: You won’t be able to schedule automatic posts directly to Facebook Groups. * **Hello, Notification-Based Scheduling!**: Not to worry! You can still plan your posts for Facebook Groups through our notification-based scheduling feature. This means you'll set up your posts in Vista Social as usual, and we'll send you a handy notification when it's time to post. You can then easily publish your post directly to your group. We understand how crucial group interactions are to your social media strategy, and we’re here to help you adjust smoothly to these changes. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best tools and support to keep your social media game strong. Need help with setting up notification-based scheduling or have other questions? Our support team is just a message away! Let’s continue making social media easy and effective together. 💪 Thank You for Being a Part of Our Community!