March Updates: What's New and Improved

![march product updates.jpeg-8580](BASE/products/376739566/changelog/31695/inline-2eba15c4de2fcc08e9524950f3a0c7b2.jpg) Spring into action with our March updates and improvements at Vista Social! We've been busy bees, working on enhancements to make your social media management even more awesome. Check out what’s new: --- # πŸš€ Automated Post Boosting Set it and forget it! Now you can schedule your posts with automatic boosting, making sure your content gets the spotlight it deserves, effortlessly. ![Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 3.21.56 PM.png-2181](BASE/products/376739566/changelog/31695/inline-131688dd7c29eb2dcd1927698a57e812.jpg) [Learn more]( --- # πŸ“Š Reports Comparison Dates Clarity is key! You can now see the exact date ranges being compared in your reports, giving you a clearer picture of your performance metrics. ![report date comparison.jpeg-6262](BASE/products/376739566/changelog/31695/inline-9f5b5f5a0b35a4fc152235b52dbc0901.jpg) --- # πŸ” 2 Factor Authenticator Security just got an upgrade! We've added Microsoft multifactor authentication (MFA) support to keep your accounts extra secure. [ Learn More]( --- # πŸ“’ Google Business Enhancements * Added support for "Offer" post types to entice your audience with exciting deals. * Introduced "Call Now" call-to-action, making it easier for customers to reach out to you directly from their feed. --- But wait, there's more! # Connected Profiles Export Organize like a pro! Download a full list of your profile groups, including all connected social profiles, with our new CSV download option. ![connected profiles.jpeg-8938](BASE/products/376739566/changelog/31695/inline-affc92609b31b4d49228f0c8eaa9dad1.jpg) # Copy Publishing Queues Double the efficiency in half the time! Easily copy publishing queue slots to other profiles with just two clicks, streamlining your content planning process. ![copy-queues.jpg-9427](BASE/products/376739566/changelog/31695/inline-f660f616277aafa70b161b39a889c2b2.jpg) --- We're not just building Vista Social; we're growing it with you! Your insights and feedback light the way to our continuous improvement. Here’s a shoutout to the feature requests and feedback that contributed to this month's updates: [feedback: 124700] [feedback: 125774] Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance Vista Social to help you dominate the social scene! 🌟